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In the beginning of the movie, Abraham Lincoln is talking to 2 African Americans who were in the war; they even were talking to Lincoln about how much they loved his speech and even quoted him. Lincoln was gaining and losing votes. People thought that if Africans were given rights, then women were next and they didn’t want that. A man stated that as we give power to the African Americans, they are going to want more rights. Lincoln was completely oblivious to the people who bribed 20 representatives votes. Lincoln was trying his hardest and not only were people cheating, but also his family was getting in the way. The south was against everything that Lincoln had said and done. Some people believed that passing the amendment would stop the war, while others thought differently. Lincoln believed that the amendment would pass and he wouldn’t stop until it did pass. Lots of people had given up on him while others had stuck with him. Lincoln was known for many things, but the most important thing was freeing the slaves. Lincoln did not have much schooling but he was a very smart guy in general and had lots of common sense. In the movie, it portrays how one man can have an opinion and make changes among society. Lots of people were against him but overtime they saw his integrity, and started to follow him. As Lincoln doesn’t quit, neither does the south, so they continue their conflicts. One of Lincoln’s most important quotes ever is "All men are created equal." Lincoln is a true, respectable, honest man and cared a lot for his country. Lincoln’s son believed that he should’ve gone to war but Lincoln didn’t want that. There is a lot on tense between Lincoln and his wife since losing Willy. Mrs. Lincoln thinks that she is going to lose her son once he joins the war. Lincoln went to see who is getting the democratic vote. Lincoln’s wife broke down when her youngest son died, and she told Lincoln that e could have sent her to the loony pin. Lincoln states that the amendment is the cure to ending the war. People are tell him to give up, and also not to change the constitution. On the day of vote, Africans were welcome to what was called their house. The democrats were changing their minds from no to yes. In the end…