Lincoln Versus Cadillac Essay

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Jason Wilson
ENG 101
18 March 2013
Lincoln VS Cadillac I didn’t want to do this. I really wanted to do something different. I know about other things as well. It just seems that nothing holds my attention like vehicles long (or not too long) past. The style, the curves, the body lines, and the distinction really appeal to me. So we are going to talk about the most luxurious rivalry in American automotive history Lincoln versus Cadillac. We will compare style, power output, and engine sizes. We know from my last paper that Lincoln Motor Company was purchased from GM’s Cadillac Motor Division in the 1920’s, but we will only cover the “Post-war era” of the late 1940’s through current models. In 1945 Lincoln was first off the line to resume production of their automobiles; however Cadillac fell in line shortly after resuming in 1946. Both were using updated pre-war designs fueling up for the 1950’s. In the early 50’s Lincoln was producing a subdued “road race” type of style, similar to Mercury, with recessed headlights and a more sporty appearance, it was the dawn of the “Hot Rod Lincoln”; Cadillac on the other hand used style similar to Buick with more chrome and comforts than ever before. By the mid-50s Cadillac had started to develop “tail fins” and as the fifties went on the fins grew until 1959 (the most desirable Cadillac of all time). Lincoln used tail fins as well, but kept them subdued as with most things on a Lincoln. The WORST Lincoln design came in 1958 through 1960, yes it was also the most powerful, with their slanted stacked headlights they were gaudy and hard to look at. Both companies by this time had their internal slogans, Lincoln with “Less is more”, and Cadillac with “Too much is not enough” as were portrayed in their vehicles. During the sixties it seemed that both Ford and GM spent more time on power and their muscle cars as opposed to their luxury car brands. Both became very powerful, but the style and passion was gone. The spark returned in the 70’s with the designs getting bolder and the power getting greater. The elegant lines returned as did the huge v8 engines. During the 80’s Cadillac shrank its line-up to utilize smaller more fuel efficient engines. Lincoln held out until the mid-80’s and finally made the continental