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“ I hear voices in the air I hear them loud and clear telling me to listen” as quoted by MGK. I have had many times in my life where I've had to make major decisions that would have a huge impact on my life. The hardest part about the decisions that I have made are people telling me to do one thing or another. I had no choice but to dwell on what I was hearing because these were the voices of my closest family and friends. When looking at this picture I see a girl that has changed for her own good despite of all of the criticism and negativity she has had to endure. Compared to my old life I feel that I am now equipped and ready to take on whatever life throws at me.
Before coming to Lincoln Charter School life for me was just “chill.” I didn't have to put a lot of effort into what I was doing. When I went to Lincolnton High School I played sports, and made good grades. My uncle, which is my coach and the bishop of my church, saw more in me. When he had received the basketball coaching job here at Lincoln Charter I was really surprised because at the time he was coaching at his old high school which was East Lincoln. We had joked around a few times about me coming to Lincoln Charter School but I never expected to end up here. One day we had a serious conversation about me switching schools, that's when I knew it was real.
After I had made up in my mind and told my uncle that I would come to Lincoln Charter and see how I like it I had to tell my friends, coaches, and family. When I had told my best friend she cried but then she realized that I was doing this for the right reason and she let me know “whatever my decision was she would support me.” My old coaches were surprised by my decision because they had hopes in me becoming apart of their team because I had practiced and trained with them all that summer. The one person that I told that really disliked my decision was my grandfather and it hurt me the most because every time I was around him he told me that this isn't the school for me and that Lincolnton was a better school. I tried to ignore it because my thoughts were he's just old and it was just traditional for me to graduate from