Linda Chavez's Argument Against Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling is discrimination by an authority figure targeting individuals based on their race, ethnicity, and or religion. Racial profiling is not acceptable however, it is accepted in our society as a whole in the United states of America. There has been many cases where racial profiling has been beneficial, on the other hand these cases are very rare. Simply judging someone by the color of their skin or how they appear to look is not by any circumstances right in anyway.
Racial profiling can be wrong in many perspectives. To understand what racial profiling is, we must understand the history and why it is 2016 and this is still going on. Key elements about this problem include privilege, invisibility of privilege, and silence .To
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For example in an airport or train station where there are millions of people in one area, it is easy to be targeted by terrorist. Securities in these places use racial profiling as a crime fighting tool. In Everything Isn’t Racial Profiling, Linda Chavez explains, “It wasn’t unreasonable for airlines to look at me a little more closely than other passengers given these facts.”(Chavez 576) As a female who appears middle eastern, she was detained by the airlines because she fit the profile of a terrorist. The airline's actions were justified due to all the women that have been contributing in terrorism. In these situations racial profiling can be useful. Terrorist are a Threat In the United States Of America just as much as it is a threat in every other nation. We never know when terrorist can be among us because since The united states has such a diverse population due to ,Freedom of religion and speech it allows people to feel free to express himself that being said terrorist can be hiding amongst us even if they present some form of official identification. The arabs that hijacked the airplanes were used to destroy the twin towers presented identifications this put a huge dent into the way we use security in airlines . When a person fits the profile of a terrorist it is highly encouraged for security to take a closer look at them or even detain that individual for questioning. As this simple action could save hundreds of lives. Another article that talks about the justification of racial profiling is The effects of racial profiling written by Ontario Human Rights Commission. This article states “Some may feel this practice is justifiable because there are a lot of bad people out there and it is relatively easy/convenient to group certain clusters together based on statistics and probability factors, etc. ” People that think this way have no idea the