Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Research Paper

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The Lindbergh baby kidnapping is known as “the crime of the century” due to all the media attention it received. During the kidnapping the son Charles Lindbergh, a 20-month-old-baby, was taken from his crib about 9 p.m. on March 1, 1932. The case is well known due to the media attention that it received. Bruno Hauptmann was the suspect that paid the price for the crime and died from the electric chair. In the 1933 controversial court case of the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping, the guilty verdict correctly prosecuted Bruno Hauptmann because of a criminal background, evidence, and witnesses. Due to Hauptmann’s criminal background, he served as a likely suspect. First, Hauptmann had a history in the German Military before coming to the United States. …show more content…
The military background that Hauptmann acquired helped him with the kidnapping of the baby because he learned how to cover up his tracks after a crime he committed. Later, Hauptmann was arrested in Germany numerous times. After years of arrests, thefts, and jail time he was sent to prison and eventually escaped. Next, Bruno illegally entered the United States with a stolen landing card and a disguise. Stated in the article “Bruno Richard Hauptmann Biography,” Hauptmann made two failed attempts to come to the Untied States. When he tried a third time it was successful and he was illegally in the United States ("Bruno Richard Hauptmann Biography”). When he entered the United States illegally, it showed what kind of a person he was and what extent he will go to get what he wants. He could have waited until he was accepted legally, but instead he came illegally, which showed people he cannot be trusted and should be looked into further. After the military Hauptmann acquired motives and reasons that brought him closer to the kidnapping. Indicated by the FBI, Hauptmann lost his two brothers in a battle.