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Nursing 230 Reflection
Niki Lindon
Midway College

I have always thought it was interesting to hear why someone has chosen a certain career path. I do not have a particularly interesting road to nursing, but it has been a long time in the making. My mom had all three of her children and then decided she wanted to go to nursing school, and I wish she was still here so I could ask her why she chose to do that, but she would always expose me to what she was learning. She would let me play with her stethoscope, even though all I did was listen to myself talk. She always worked the night shift in a nursing home on an Alzheimer’s unit. During the summer, when I was out of school, she would call me and let me talk to her patients who would not go to sleep. When she would do her continuing education, she would let me read the books along with her. All of these things she did made me want to work in the medical field, but I did not know which area or what role I wanted to play. When I attended college, I developed a love of psychology, and decided to pursue a career in counseling. Soon after graduation, my mom started to have a lot of health issues, which caused her to retire from nursing. She required some care at home, so I kept the job I had throughout college and took care of my mother until she passed away at the age of 53. When taking care of her, I would see how much she appreciated little things I did for her. Something small like making her more comfortable in bed or rubbing lotion on her feet, she was so happy to have someone caring for her for once. After a career filled with caring for others, she got to see what it felt like to be the recipient of the care she gave so effortlessly. Everyone loved my mom, and always went to her when they had health related questions. I always wanted to be the one people went to for answers. Eight years after she passed, I decided it was time for a change, I was tired of having just a job, and I wanted a career. I decided to go back to that medical area that I always loved to learn about, and enrolled in nursing school. I hope I can be a wonderful nurse like my mother.
Student Learning Outcome 1
The first student-learning outcome is: demonstrate proficiency in knowledge of nursing and clinical skills necessary to provide safe, competent nursing care. I strongly agree that this outcome was addressed and met in the nursing program. When I think of what I have learned in the past four semesters, I think safety and competent nursing care has been the most important information we have covered. Being a safe and competent nurse ties in with how we critically think and are able to make the right decision based on our assessment findings. Our clinical skills have been practiced many times throughout the program. The skills lab has always been available for demonstration and practicing of skills. We were evaluated on every skill with a masters prepared evaluator, and received any feedback after every check off. The multiple scenarios and exit skills check off gave us even more practice and real world application for what we have learned in the lab. In the clinical setting we have been able to perform these skills successfully under the supervision of our clinical instructors. Due to the multiple exposures we have had of every skill, in the lab and from ATI, we were able to complete these procedures on our patients with confidence.
Student Learning Outcome 2
The second student learning outcome is: utilize the Nursing Process to assess clients and families and to plan, implement, and evaluate care to clients and families while functioning within the Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice. I strongly agree that I was taught this during the program. Every semester we were reminded of how nursing is all about the nursing process. Before I started nursing school, I had never heard of this, and had no idea it would be such an important part of my life. Nursing is so much