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How to listen to music – iPhone version iOS 8
1. Obtain iPhone
2. Hold iPhone upright with the screen facing you and front-facing camera on the top of iPhone
3. Unlock iPhone by gently pushing your finger on the home button located on the bottom middle of phone. There should be a small square engraved in the middle of the home button.
4. When iPhone screen lights up, take your finger and place it on the screen. Leave your finger placed on the screen and slide your finger from left to right.
5. *If you don’t have a passcode on your iPhone please skip to step 6*
If you have a passcode on your phone, enter your 4 digit passcode by using your finger and tapping the number of desired code in correct order.
6. Welcome to your iPhones home screen – Now in order to listen to music, navigate through your iPhone by placing your finger on the screen and swiping left or right. While navigating through your iPhone, look for your music app. It is a reddish-pink with a white music note located in the middle. When music app is found, tap it.

*If you’re encountering difficulties locating the music app, place your finger in the middle of the home screen and drag your finger down with your finger still on home screen. You are now in the search menu. In the search menu, with your fingers use the keyboard located on the bottom of screen and gently type the following letters in order – Music. Now that you have typed in the key term, tap the music app.
7. You are now in your music app.
8. At