Linkin Park In The Rolling Stones

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Devin Golden
3 April, 2014
Professor Charles R. Warner

Linkin Park in the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones magazine puts many of the great rock and roll artists of their time into the magazine. The book, however, talks about history of the rock and roll scene. In my personal opinion they left out a band who revolutionized rock and roll, Linkin Park. Linkin Park revolutionized their genre of music by being able to reach different social classes because of their diverse music. Linkin Park was one of the first bands to add DJing type style to, what they would be considered, punk rock. Also, along with that they added the rap aspect of music into punk rock. They reached the "hardcore rock" scene, also known as screamo, when Chester, lead singer, developed the ability to scream in their music. The big thing was is that it worked, selling near 10 million records as of 2010 according to their band page website. I have personally been to seven of their concerts, and the crowd they are able to reach is unbelievable. The crowd is very diverse in music cultural, but yet Linkin Park found a way to reach every single one of them. They are known also as one of the first rock bands to tour with, platinum labeled rapper Jay-Z. Even having him featured in a couple of their songs was a match for a number one song on the charts. There has yet to be a band able to do what Linkin Park has done, as far as, breaking the barrier of genre and styles that they've reached. It is because of