Linux and Command Line Essay

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1. What is a swap file?
2. What PC types does Fedora Support?
3. What is the root partition?
4. What is cp? What type of files do you use it on?
5. How do you rename a file?
6. What do the commands head and tail do?
7. What shows files one page at a time?
8. How do you move a file?
9. What searches a file for strings?
10. How do you list all the files in a directory?
11. How do you change directories?
12. What is a users home directory?
13. What would chmod a+x filename do?
14. How do you find out the current working directory?
15. How do you direct command line outlet to a file?
16. What is fg?
17. How do you put the output of the command line to append to a file?
18. What is a pid?
19. What are two ways to configure a wireless NIC?
20. What is a secure way to connect to the command line of a linux server?
21. What are the run –levels?
22. What command do you use to change runlevels without a restart?
23. What are advantages of DHCP over static ip addresses?
24. What are the options in DHCP?
25. How do you use RPM to download the latest version of a software package?
26. What utility in Fedora helps you install software?
27. How do you use yum to upgrade a package?
28. What printing protocols does CUPS support?
29. How can you configure a CUPS server?
30. What is the extension of linux printer drivers?
31. How do you use secure copy between linux machines?
32. Where does Open SSH store its list of know connections?
33. What does AllowUsers do in OpenSSH
34. Where is the…