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Linux vs. Mac
Project Plan

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1 Introduction
Our Team will compare the contrast between Linux and Mac Operating Systems to see which operating system outweighs the other in relations to the better system usage
[Briefly describe the content of the project plan.] [Describe or reference which management and technical practices will be used in the project, such as iterative development, continuous integration, independent testing and list any changes or particular configuration to the project. Specify how you will track progress in each practice. As an example, for iterative development the team may decide to use iteration assessments and iteration burndown reports and collect metrics such as velocity (completed work item points/ iteration).
2 Project milestones and objectives
[Define and describe the high-level objectives for the iterations and define milestones. For example, use the following table to lay out the schedule. If needed you may group the iterations into phases and use a separate table for each phase]

Primary objectives
Scheduled start or milestone
Team Members
1. Brainstorming
2. Individual Assignments
a) Summary of Mac Operating system (Paul)
b) Summary of Linux Operating system (Roger)
c) Power Point