Lionel Richie and Heart Essay

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A Letter To John
Dear John, Oh how I have cried, thinking back on the wonderful times he have had together, how we had our whole life planned together and now we are millions of miles apart. You being over there, god only knows when I will see you again, and I am here with our seven children, doing your job and my own. Times are tough for me now that you are gone. The kids certainly try to make it easier for me though. They take turns looking after the babies when I am at the factory, and clean the house too. They have matured so much since you have gone. Sometimes I feel like they are all grown up and ready to move out. I truly cannot wait to see you again. It is so hard to be away from you for so long, considering we have not been separated since we met. When I get upset, I feel as if my heart may bust through my chest if it suffers any more of this pain. I suppose time do make the heart grow fonder. I miss you dearly my love. I think of you quite often, thinking about how wonderful it will be when you get home. I also think about how I will hold you in my arms until it is time for you to go again. The thoughts of this, truly breaks my heart. To know that you are mine but I cannot keep you here with me no matter what I do, drives me insane. You only choices right now are war or jail. That in my opinion is not right. We as a family should have a choice whether or not you want to go to war. I am terrified to think of what you are doing and facing over there every day, I know that it is not all they said it would be over there. You have been gone six months now and I haven’t heard a