Rear Window Analysis

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Could one say that Lisa is punished in some way in the course of the film? If so, what for?
Yes, I feel that Lisa was punished in the movie other than for the fact that she sneaked in to Mr.Tharwold apartment and was assaulted. She is also punished for being a woman and being in love with Jeff. Jeff’s seems like a jerk when it comes to Lisa and does not treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Unfortunately Jeff ignores her, doesn’t want to marry her because she’s too “perfect” when in reality he uses this as an excuse to hide his lack of confidence when it comes to Lisa. Lisa is an assertive woman ahead of her time, member of the higher class and isn’t the typical house wife that Jeff would’ve desired. I feel that Jeff sees Lisa as a threat because he’s unable to perform his regular day to day tasks; therefore it is up to Lisa to look after him. Hence, he feels less masculine because there’s a shift in the traditional roles (the man would be taking care of the woman but in Rear Window the woman is taking care of the man). And as a consequence he verbally abuses her and rejects her affections in attempts to control her. This leads Lisa to try and prove herself to Jeff by adjusting to his lifestyle and an example is (wearing less fancy clothes), and proof of this is at the end of the movie when she’s transforms from usually wearing couture into wearing jeans, a flannel and reading a book that doesn’t really interest her, suggesting that she must change her appearance to adapt to his way of life. The fact that Lisa works in fashion and cares about her appearance not only shows that she is a woman of class but also one of status and importance. Lisa is constantly trying to please Jeff and be the women that he wants to marry but he frequently denies her the right to even try. Proof of this is when he argues that she wouldn't fit