Lisa Maduro's Arguments In My Family

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Lisa Maduro and I both encounter arguments in our family household due to our family members being judgmental towards us having color friends. Her main influence was her Portuguese culture, and mine is my Hispanic culture. The emergent themes coming up was that we both think older men are powerful and older women are motherly, by spoiling grandchildren.

Derek Austrum and I had different roles growing up, he didn’t have any gender specific roles for neither his sister or him. In my family we had specific gender roles as in cleaning and being very limited. His main influence is being a white minority, and mine is my Hispanic culture. The emergent themes coming up is that we both think older men are racist and that older women are trustworthy.

Thai Phengdara-Martinez and I both experienced our parents having different viewpoints towards African Americans. Culture is the main influence for the both of us. The emergent themes were that older men struggle more with retirement and its better to treat people how you want to be treated.

Marisol Ortiz and I both realize the difference of class and status because we grew up having very limited things due to our families struggling. The main influence comparing our list was our Mexican culture. The emergent theme was to treat everyone with respect regardless of their race, ethnic and culture
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I also recall my grandparents telling me “black people are all the same, it’s always black people” it is a very sad feeling knowing that African American people are always discriminated against just because of their color. The main influence is Mexican culture and also socializing with parents because even though our parents believe African people are bad, not everyone does. The emergent themes that came up was that we both think older men are grumpy and older women are often