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Go Green
Lissete Duran
Kaplan University
March 9, 2015

Want to go green? shut your office down
The united states produced an estimated of 5 billion tons of carbon dioxide last year. At the same time flexible and home based office solutions are dramatically rising. However only 2 percent of Americans work for home full time. One thing to consider is that 4 billion tress are chopped down each year for paper production, If future business don't start using less paper our planet will suffer. Working from home means less paper because the only way to share the documents is digitally. The Cutler Group, is a teach PR agency that specializes in working with mobile, software and edtech companies, they are able to work primary from home. This means they do not worry about fuel consumption or cartridge recycling. With the technology that we have today, like Skype, cloud storage, Google Drive and many others it is easy to make your home and office. Working for home also helps saving on fuel. It eliminates the traffic congestion and carbon dioxide. Fuel saving would be as high as $3.9 billion annually if they offices closed tomorrow. When people work from home instead of the office, there are things you can do to go green at home as well. Things like using compact fluorescent bulbs, Energy Star certified computers and electronics, eco-friendly office supplies, and many more. A central office might be necessary for large corporation but when it comes to small businesses working from home is a more efficient. There is no better time than now to reexamine our life and work in order to preserve our planet and people.

When it comes to going green, there is a lot people debated about. Some think that the idea needs more attention that what is getting, they want to save the planet as much as possible and they want everyone to be a part of that. Others think that it is getting to much attention, they think things are fine the way they are and that going green would only bring them more work. In my opinion going green is very important not only to business but in your personal life. Going green has lots of different benefits, not only does help maintain the planet but it also saves you money. Going green is good for humans, animals and the environment. if people would change just one thing in their way of life, things would get better quick. I am currently not working but in my house we try to keep it