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List of Characters from Crash
Character’s Name Played by (Actor’s Name) Brief Description of Character
Graham Waters Don Cheadle African-American detective investigating shooting of Detective Lewis
Ria Jennifer Esposito El Salvadorian/Puerto Rican detective also on the Lewis case; she and Graham are romantically involved.
Rick Brendan Fraser Caucasian district attorney whose SUV is carjacked near the beginning of the movie
Jean Sandra Bullock Rick’s uptight wife
Maria Yomi Perry Rick and Jean’s Latina housekeeper/nanny
Anthony Chris “Ludacris” Bridges Young African-American man who steals cars & tries to educate his friend, Peter, on various forms of racism
Peter Larenz Tate Graham’s younger brother & Anthony’s friend. He likes hockey, is later shot by Officer Hanson
Cameron Terrence Howard African-American TV director who is harrassed by Officer Ryan in a traffic stop
Christine Thandie Newton Cameron’s wife who is sexually molested by Officer Ryan during a traffic stop (& later rescued by him after a car crash)
Officer Ryan Matt Dillon Caucasian officer on the LAPD for 17 years who has obvious racial prejudices
Officer Hanson Ryan Phillipe Rookie cop who no longer wants to ride with Ryan. Hanson later helps Cameron go with a warning but then shoots Peter after he picks him up as a hitchhiker.
Daniel Michael Pena Latino locksmith who gives his 5-year-old daughter an “impenetrable cloak”
Lara Ashlyn Sanchez Daniel’s 5-year-old daughter
Elizabeth Karina Arroyave Daniel’s wife/ Lara’s mother
Farhad Shaun Toub Iranian storeowner who tries to shoot Daniel but who ends up “shooting” Lara
Shereen Marina Sirtis Farhad’s wife
Dorri Bahar Soomekh Farhad & Shereen’s daughter. She works in in the medical field & does not want her father to have a gun (She buys “blanks”).

Character’s Name Played by (Actor’s Name) Brief Description of Character

Choi Greg Joung Paik Korean man who is hit by Anthony and Peter as they are driving the Lincoln Navigator
Kim Lee Alexis Ree Choi’s wife (She’s also the woman involved in the car crash with Ria & Graham at the beginning of the film.)
Shaniqua Johnson Lorretta Devine African-American woman who is the supervisor of health insurance claims. She has Officer Ryan thrown out of her office.
Fred Tony Danza Caucasian man who…