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Assignment: Exploring Our Own Cultural Messages

Our complex cultural identities are informed by factors including societal norms, media messages, and popular culture. Given these contributing factors, what kind of messages do you send about yourself?

As a woman or man
As a representative of your ethnicity or nationality
As a professional
As an educator
As an individual

In which ways do each of your descriptions differ, and why? How do you think your perceptions of yourself compare to the perceptions that others may have of you? Are you sending the messages that you intend to send?
>As a woman I send the message of being modest, polite, and kindhearted. As a representative of my nationality I send the message of being loyal to my country, but not overly passionate about forcing my governmental beliefs on other people. As a professional I send the message of being hard working and dedicated to helping other students with their studies. As an educator I am focused on the student’s needs rather than my own needs. As an individual I