Listo Systems: Cami Machado, Trainer Essay

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Listo Systems: Cami Machado, Trainer


Listo Systems is a graphic service agency and is one of the leading companies within the sector. They recently implemented a new black box technology which resulted in a demand for trainings for the employees as well as “train-the trainer” sessions. Cami Machado is responsible for conducting these sessions and she feels well prepared. She is also the one who represents the company at an annual Computer Graphic Service Trade Show.

Key Issues and Problems:

Cami Machado has previous experiences and therefore feels confident and eager for the first session of the trainings. However, the general evaluations of the course were poor and most of the trainers had no clue of what was
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The main issue in this case is that the implementation of the new security system can be a potential risk for losing the employees. There might be other employees like Steve, who are not willing to adapt and who might take to decision to leave. In the long run this could negatively affect the company because the turnover ratio would increase.

Applying concepts:

Even though Steve was having difficulty adapting to the new system, there are other employees who are willing to do “whatever is necessary to keep the customers happy and them employed”. The majority of the employees want to keep their current jobs and this is what motivates them to learn and to adjust to the new security system. The company is doing everything that is necessary in order to train the employees, so the main factor that is required for an overall success is the motivation of the employees.

It is clear that Steve’s performance readiness was at the very bottom (R1) because he was unable, insecure and unwilling to learn how to work with the black box. He is displaying frustration and has a complaining behavior, which is typical to the level 1 employees. Angie, the second team member, is an R2, because even though the new black box is foreign to her, she is willing and is motivated to learn. The third member, Dorothy, has an extensive experience with the black box, and therefore she is at the highest performance readiness level (R4). She has the right skills and at the same time