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Kevin Surya
Geography 1372
Fieldwork Assignment #1 – Public Spaces

My observation object about “public spaces” is Lake Calhoun Park; it’s around 7 miles or 10 minutes driving from University Of Minnesota. My spaces is like an ordinary lake, surround with a lot of trees; it is an open space place. I think this place is a popular site (my friend told so) for swimming, windsurfing, cannoning, jogging, skating or biking; because as I observe, that such things are what people usually do here. You can see a lot of canoes or kayak in the edge of the lake include a places to rent it. Surround the lake there is a jogging or biking rail about 3 miles with a lot of benches in the margins. Also, surrounding parkland offers parking (which is free when I came in Sunday), picnicking, volleyball, and athletic fields. Nearby the lake I think there are a lot of apartments and café or restaurant.
I came in Sunday morning and what people usually do is jogging, cycling or do some water sport; it is a great places to do sport I think. As you jog around the lake there are a lot of benches provided, sometimes you can see people dating in the lush tree or a group of teenagers chatting. There are also a lot of people who walk with their dogs or pushing a baby cart. They seem to be busy with their own work and not caring for others (e.g.: they can jog without shirt or chat really loud). Probably people who came here is live in the nearby apartment or live in Minneapolis or saint Paul who want…