Woman Hollering Creek Analysis

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The dominant idea of "Woman Hollering Creek" is a female’s effort to live life a bit differently than what was normal for a woman in her culture to become her own woman with her own identity.
It’s the story of Cleó- filas Enriqueta DeLeón Hernández’s desire to get married to a wonderful man, move out of her father’s home and live “happily ever after” in America after as she had seen on the soap operas. Unfortunately, after her marriage to Juan Pedro Martínez Sánchez, she learned that “happily ever after” doesn’t always happen as it’s portrayed on television. She realized that she was in a physically and emotionally abusive marriage. She had given birth to a child and had another on the way. Cleófilas longed to escape the hardships of her marriage but wasn’t sure how she would be able to. She thought to call her father, who promised to never abandon her, but decided not to in fear that she would be perceived as a disgrace to her family. "Sometimes she thinks of her father’s house. But how could she go back there? What a disgrace. What would the neighbors say? Coming home like that with one baby on her hip and one in the oven. Where’s your husband?" (American Public University Systems 111) During her visit to the doctor, she breaks down crying and tells her story to Graciela, the nurse. Graciella calls her friend, Felice, and they came up with a plan to get Cleófilas away from her husband and back to her family. After watching the movie and reading portions of