Literacy and Fine Paper Company

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Fine Paper Company – All staff
Thursday, December 13, 2012
Promoting a fully literate Canadian population

PGI Tournament for Literacy found-raising numbers and other community center volunteering were a great success once again!

I am happy to have you apart of this team; I would like to thank all employees that participated to volunteering in different community centers and donated to the PGI Tournament for Literacy. This year’s fund-raiser generated a total of $2 million that will go to those in need.
Thanks’ to the implication of ABC Canada, promoting awareness of literacy and works to involve the private sector in supporting literacy, Mr. Peter Gzowski successfully managed a golf tournament including 7 big Canadian firms that contributed to the project. Another big involvement came from Mr. Laurent DesLauriers CEO of PGI, who established a volunteer program for employees to donate their time at local community centers to fight against illiteracy. Fine Paper Company counted 24 employees who engaged in this project and I would like to congratulate all their effort with a Barbeque-Buffet that will take place this Friday during lunch time. You should be truly proud of yourselves being part of this project because you are contributing to reducing literacy problems for your country. Statistics Canada’s report, Literary Skills for the Knowledge, notes that 22 percent of adult Canadians have serious problems with printed materials and 24 to 26 percent of Canadians can