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The modern age is the age of computers. Computers provide the wide range of education and executive software. Information technology has achieved a great success. Use of computers is widely spread. It is used for storing, analyzing, and distributing information. Computers have been around for 6 decades but they weren't for sale until mid 1980s. Computers could barely fit in a room when they first came out, but now they are small and portable. These days, computers are used almost everywhere. Computers are widely used in satellites, aircrafts, space crafts, banks, airline offices, government offices, business establishments, making reservations in the large organizations, schools, hospitals, railway stations, airports, searching the Internet for information. when I was nine years old, I first discovered the computer. since my aunt bought the computer for herself. when she first started this massive box that contain objects that I didn't know, a picture came out of the screen. She could move this thing that she holds in her hand and open programs, video clips and music. after one week, I broke this object that you hold in your hand. when my aunt came she saw that I broke the item that you hold in your hand and she called it a "mouse", she grounded me and told me to never get close to her massive box that she called it a "computer". after a year, me and my family moved to Syria. when my birthday came my dad brought me a computer, it was my 2nd encounter with a computer. when I first started my computer it felt different when I was sitting on my aunts computer since I could break it or it could get dirty and nobody will yell or ground me. after a while, I got bored of painting and playing minesweeper so I decided to go to the game shop to buy a new game. I bought my first game which was called " Grand Theft Auto: Vice City". I didn't know how to install a game so I called my dad, since he could read English. the game finished installing and I learned how to install games/programs. a virus got in the computer after I visited some websites, I was in deep trouble since if my dad knew that I got a virus in the computer he will get angry and ground me, therefore I started searching on the websites how to remove a virus. I learned an way to remove a virus but it was the easiest way possible, which is to format a computer but I didn't have a CD that could format a computer so I had to go to Computer Center and buy a Windows CD that I could format the computer without my dad noticing it. later, I followed the steps that came with the CD and completely formatted my computer. when I started the computer there was no sound and everything doesn't work, so I went back to the Computer Center and told them about my problem and they said that I need to buy a another CD that contains Computer Drivers which make everything work again. after installing all the driver and returned every program there was on the computer, it took me completely 4 hours to finish. after a while, my dad came and saw the computer and didn't notice anything different, that was how I started get into computer at age of 11. this moment was important in my life because if I didn't get a virus at that time then I wouldn't have got into repairing computers now. after 2 years, me and my family moved again but this time to USA, a different language and a different culture. when my dad told his niece that my son is good at computers and he was shocked because he was searching for worker to fix computer s in his store, so I began working and