Literacy Narrative Analysis

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Literacy Narrative
I discovered what I wanted to aspire to be while preparing for my state competition on the gymnastics mats. I tumbled until my legs felt limp. The pain was unbearable and the aches were unstoppable. The Doctor diagnosed me with a lumbar fracture, and sent a referral to physical therapy. The first memory of who I want to be happened as I stumbled in the doors of the physical therapy office. I decided I want to be a Doctor of Physical Therapy.
High school started and I was able to take many of health science classes. I took medical terminology. It provided me knowledge and literacy in the medical field. In my senior year of high school I had a phenomenal opportunity to intern with a group of orthopedic surgeons. This was my dream, my passion and everything I've been looking forward to. I began studying so that I could comprehend the information the surgeons provided me. Having obtained knowledge in orthopedics, my desire to work began to flourish. I was moved by my internship at Arlington Orthopedics, so I applied to work as a technician at the physical therapy office where
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And how does it help? An abundance of patients have come to our office expressing their gratitude of how much they appreciate our deep tissue laser therapy. Neuropathy causes numbness, weakness, tingling and nerve damage. Typically, Neuropathy can't be "cured", but subsequently it can't be improved.
All things considered, I'm aspiring to be a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I want to become learner, a teacher and a friend. Thus, I will challenge my knowledge and capability to understand and perform the language and actions of a physical therapist. I will grasp and understand the relationship of the deep tissue laser and neuropathy. The difference one can make by studying this can cure or improve many patients, and can help them see another day of doing basic daily living