Literacy: Second Language and Long-awaited Childhood Dream Essay examples

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Ever since I was a young girl, I have always dreamt of studying in a foreign country. I knew that I wanted to get educated well and be successful in life. Moreover, being independent and exploring the unknown always appealed to me. After two years studying highschool in Singapore, I have learned and experienced a lot about the academic, foreign people and their culture. Then I decided to continue my long-awaited childhood dream by going abroad again and studying in the United States for college. I believe that studying abroad is not the only time to learn about the academics but also the time to learn about my own self. Study abroad experiences have offered me endless possibilities toward accomplishing my goals. One of those goals included my literacy. I realized that throughout the time there were several experiences have shaped my ability to write and read in a good way. I must say studying abroad was the most thoughtful decision I have ever made. I have reached a point in my life where I could see beyond the wall of my own everyday lifestyle, a way of thinking and expressing my feeling. There were a variety of different reasons I wanted to study abroad. First, I would very much like to improve my English language skills. Nowadays, in our developing and internationalizing world, it is even more important than ever to communicate and understand people around the global. And English seems to be a language of choice with a great percentage of countries claiming English as their native language. Practicing English skills is not just only about the communication but also about the writing and reading-the ability to understanding.
Looking back, it was a very difficult time for me. How could I perform a good writing/reading skill when I barely wrote an essay or read a book in my own language? I can describe my ability to write and read as poor and subtle. I needed to read a paragraph or sentences couple times in order to get the real meaning of it. However, it didn’t mean that I am not