Literal and Context Sentence Definition Essay

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EN 52 Name Ashley Springer
Vocabulary Workshop A (Part III)
Using Context Clues and Word Analysis

Word and source
Context Sentence
Definition that fits the context
Your own sentence demonstrating your understanding of the word collective “Celebrations of Thanksgiving” p. 1

My memories of him looming over our dinner table are as fresh as paint, and I recall his big hands clasped together as he searched our family’s collective past year for things to be thankful for.

Def. of word

Shared or done by a group of people: involving all members of a group.
We all agreed but I silently wondered what our collective reaction would be if the opposite occurred.

Prefix and definition:
Co- (Together, wit)


“Celebrations of Thanksgiving” p. 1

Our house was literally falling down around us: the plumbing didn’t work: you couldn’t turn on the vacuum and television at the same time: there were holes in the floor and ceiling because our home couldn’t stand up to Texas weather.

In a literal sense or manner; (actually)

When I was playing soccer with my friends at school I literally flew over the ball and broke my finger. obligatory “Celebrations of Thanksgiving” p. 2

What finally saved my father’s yearly obligatory prayer were the small children and hungry relatives gathered around the dining room table.

Def. of word
Always or often included as a familiar and expected part of something.

Before you get your license you must take an obligatory two week driving course for learning purposes.

Prefix and definition:
Ob-(toward or against)


“Celebrations of Thanksgiving” p. 2

Embarrassed by the silence, my father would inevitably state the obvious, “Lord, Lord, I want to thank you for the bounty on this table, “recognizing that what a poor southern family of seven could be grateful for lay right before him.
Def. of word
As is certain to happen
Making mistakes while learning a foreign language is inevitable.

Prefix and definition:
In- (into)

Word and source
Context Sentence
Definition that fits the context
Your own sentence demonstrating your understanding of the word succumbing “Celebrations of Thanksgiving” p. 3
In essence, every year we gathered around the table to congratulate my father on a job well done and not succumbing to welfare.
Def. of word
Fail to resist (pressure, temptation) or some other negative force.
He was diagnosed at age two but did not succumb to a fatal brain tumor until age twelve.

Prefix and definition:
Suc-(from under)


“Celebrations of Thanksgiving” p. 4

The necessary turkey that over the course of the years had undergone a plethora of cooking techniques-from browned to the point of charred to a pale, almost translucent skin- that resisted the culinary advice my relatives gave my