Literary Analysis Essay On Fahrenheit 451

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Prompt 4 In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, states how people have replaced books with television in their day to day operations. Bradbury paints a picture on how the local government is to destroy all books as well as the homes where they are hidden. This action taken by the local government has had a great influence on the addiction of the society. Fahrenheit 451 depicts how the society lives in a world where electronics is a major contributor to the bland life. Bradbury explains how the destruction of printed literature is an order from the government to better their life and not due to censorship.

One of the major electronics that Bradbury talks about in the book that replaced printed literature is the television. In one of
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all day, so when Montag shows Mille the and reads with her she throws and kicks the book on the floor and says “ Books aren’t people. You read and I look all around, but there isn’t anybody!”.... “Now” said Millie ‘“ my ‘family’ is people. They tell me things; I laugh, they laugh! And the colors!”’ (69) Another way Millie see’s her television is not just an object you can enjoy with but a human who can talk to you like a real human. One example you can see is when Millie starts to think of all the bad things that can happen to her and her ‘family’ if they still keep the books Montag stole from the old lady. What she says to Montag when she panics about the problem is “He might come and burn the house and the ‘family’. That’s awful! Think of our investments.” Now we see how technology has overtaken one person, imagine ten people now fifty more now hundred more now millions and millions of more fall under the influence but we may not know that for a fact but, we do now that to much of a good thing is bad. In the book family to them isn’t a person who can talk to you and give you advice to help you or even love when you do something ignorant they’ll never turn you down for anything that’s a family but, to them family is a big box with a screen on it connected to an outlet to see pretty colors on the screen to …show more content…
When you watch television you want something to amuse you and also while you scroll through your T.V. you want to watch something that's at your appropriate age like you don’t want to be a twenty-seven year old man who still sees humor in Spongebob Squarepant maybe you may watch basketball,football, cooking shows if you like cooking, horse racing, television shows that can keep you entertained, that’s interesting to you, and that you can enjoy with your family or by yourself. Well in the book some adults don’t enjoy basketball, football, cooking shows, horse racing, no what they watch are eight year old T.V. shows that only help corrupt your mind and it dosen’t help you but, makes you dumber every second you watch this and it also takes your emotions away from your body. One example that shows young adults watching uninformative shows is when Montag comes back to his house from Faber’s house and he see’s Millie and her friends watch their favorite show The White Clown and it gives us a quick look on what their show is about and and it shows a woman drinking orange juice on one panel and on the other panel the orange juice going down her stomach then and then the room took of in the ocean where blue fish ate red and yellow fish on the last panel it shows three White Cartoon Clowns chopping of each other limbs to the