Literary Analysis Of Anna's Anna And The Fighter

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10th December 2017
Taslima Akter
Literary Analysis
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John Remarek
Anna & the Fighter
Anna was the main character in this story. Anna was excited to visit her Aunt’s house. For the first time, she was a journey by train so, she feels nervous. Her father’s told her don’t talk to any strangers. Suddenly, she lost her money when she was sleeping on the train. She was felt upset and carried because she doesn’t have money. Sam was a strong and kind guy who helps Anna. Sam not only helps Anna but also help a child who was burning inside the house. Anna thinks that Sam wasn’t a good person because she saw that his photograph headline he was a criminal and dangerous fighter. At last, Sam was a good boxer. When Anna knows that, she really
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Don’t talk to any strangers.” (Father). This means author thought that father always caring for his child because the father has a responsibility to take care. When children listen to his father’s advice, he will be happy. Father is an important person who always gives better advice to his children. Anna’s father gives advice Anna because she was going to visit her aunt in Naira. On the train suddenly Anna meets with an unknown person his name was Sam. Anna thinks Sam was a bad person. She thinks badly because of his ugly face, short here and strong guy. He was smoking too. Anna thinks that she needs to be careful. Then, being a bad person is not always bad somehow Sam do better work, for example, Sam was a good person it means his heart was beautiful but it doesn't show outside who is he. Anna feels that Sam was a harmful man. Is Anna told the policemen, they can attack Sam but Anna told policemen he is a bad person, they must be invaded that person because It’s a rule of Government and it’s the reality. Anna didn’t do that because she was an ethical girl. In this story represent that, think badly is not good some …show more content…
“Hello, Anna, he said. You’re different now. You didn’t talk to me before. I’m sorry, Sam,” said Anna. (Page No- 27 to 28) that means Anna was becoming very friendly with Sam because Anna finally understands that Sam was a good, generous and helpful person. He was not a criminal. He was a famous boxer. He was a great person everybody knew him. Anna’s aunt also knows him but Anna doesn’t know him. Sam doesn't need to know who is she but he needs to help Anna because she faces trouble so, helping important things. An author wrote that story because everybody doesn’t know everyone but all are a human being so, everybody needs to help each other. Helping is more important than other things. Finally, Sam took Anna to her Aunt’s house. “Come in, Sam, Please sit down. Will you have some tea?” (Anna’s Aunt). That means her Aunt know that he was a good person and her Aunt really happy about that he help Anna. In the end, Anna and Sam make a good