Literary Analysis Of The Catcher In The Rye

Words: 487
Pages: 2

How is it significant that Phoebe is capable of more rational thought than Holden?
How are Holden and James similar? What does James’ suicide represent to Holden? How is it significant that he was wearing Holden’s sweater?
How does Holden’s dream of the catcher in the rye relate to the theme of preservation of childhood innocence?
What does the cliff in Holden’s dream represent?

Literary Analysis: In chapter 21, Holden sneaks home to visit Phoebe. He lies to the elevator boy claiming to be the nephew of the Dickensteins. However, he doesn’t do a very good job at lying because the elevator boy is immediately suspicious of him. This incident conflicts with his claim in chapter three when he claims “I AM THE MOST TERRIFIC LIAR.” Therefore