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Jacky Leung

Why did the grandmother always Jook­Liang was useless? The grandmother said she was useless for two reasons. First, she said Liang was useless because
Liang was girl­child at that time and women are often discriminated. They were living in a male dominated society, so females often didn’t have any options for themselves, especially little girls.
Some parents would sell their daughters to other family and use the money to raise their sons well. The grandmother had some really terrible experience and felt she was useless when she was a little kid. She had been suffering when she was sent to a wealthy family to be a house servant when she was only seven years old . She was whipped with a knotted belt. Nobody could help her. If she doesn’t serve the family in the way they want, she would die. “Learn of die,” screamed by the Concubine she was serving which demonstrates that how worthless the little girls were. Also, the grandmother was always saying things in a discouraging way. She often said the unlucky thing to bring back the luck. For example, if somebody is worried about her health, she would tell him “Maybe die soon.” Therefore, it shows that Poh­Poh (grandmother) actually wanted her to be successful.

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