Literary Devices In Romeo And Juliet

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In the tragic love story of “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” written by William Shakespeare there are multiple literary devices that Shakespeare uses to make the play more interesting. One of the many literary devices that Shakespeare uses is an aside , a short speech directed towards the audience or another character, which is very beneficial to the layout of the play, in Act II, Scene 2 Romeo is presenting an aside. A monologue, is when a character addresses a silent or absent listener in a moment of high intensity or deep emotion, in Act III Scene 2 a monologue presented when Juliet is mourning over Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s actions. In a soliloquy, a speech in which the character speaks their thoughts to let the audience hear, in Act IV Scene 3 has a great impact on the story because Juliet is speaking her thoughts when she is about to drink the potion. The way Shakespeare wrote his plays to make them more intriguing is by letting the audience know what a character is thinking inside their head or telling another character as the play goes on.
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In the play Romeo’s character rank helps his parts in the play become a big deal, like in when Romeo is by the balcony the reader can see how a character can state their opinions while they are directed towards another person or the audience. In the monologue it helps Juliet in the play express her feelings towards towards Romeo while telling the nurse how she feels about the situation. The literary devices help make the play intriguing by using soliloquies because you can learn the thoughts of a character as an individual. William Shakespeare did a superb job in using literary devices to help make the play more interesting, because without them we wouldn’t learn things about the many characters that we ended up