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Literary History Response
In Dante’s Inferno he uses a lot of integrated text from a lot of different sources. Some of these are from the Bible and some from Greek literature.
One biblical reference can be found in Canto II lines 28-30, where Dante mentions the Apostle Paul and his journey into heaven (Dante 1218). This one integration is in the text to question why Dante is to make his journey through Hell. Also in Canto IV, it talks of different people being sent into heaven from Limbo after Jesus resurrection because of their virtuous lives serving the Christian God, some of which being Noah whose story comes from the book of Genesis and the prophet Moses whose stories comes from Exodus (Dante 1223). While others like Homer and Virgil are forced to stay in this area whether do not receive physical punishment but, they are forced to live without the ability to see God. This helps show the way Dante looked at the religious figures compared to everyone else of greatness in history because of the time period, the Middle Ages, where Christianity had grown to rapidly, especially the Roman Catholic Church. In Canto XXXIV, Dante and Virgil see Lucifer in Judecca. They see the people that he has in his mouths chewing; Judas, Brutus, and Cassius (Dante 1324). Brutus and Cassius have their heads sticking out but Judas is reversed with his legs sticking out, this also shows Dante’s religious view again of seeing Judas being the biggest trader of all-time after his deception of…