Literary Review Alchemy Essay

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Literary Review
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Alchemy, What Is It?
Alchemy is an old experimental science mainly using metallurgy; with alchemy people transmute items such as gold into other metals such as silver and lead. It was the forerunner in chemistry. Alchemy was associated with astrology; they thought that planets and stars controlled events on earth. Alexandria is considered a center of early alchemy.
Why Could Alchemy Not Be Considered A Real Science?
Back when Alexandria was around there was a stone that could turn various metals into gold. Another object was called the elixir of life, which could cure all diseases, restore youth to the aged, and make youthfulness eternal. Also in the medieval days merchants used to pretend to change metals into other metals. But recently it has been found that you can transmute with radioactivity. It can be achieved with a particle accelerator.
Has It Contributed To Science?
With alchemy the trans uranium elements are created. Its made in a particle accelerator by bombarding a nucleus with neutrons from an…