Literary Techniques In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The diary of Anne Frank is about a young girl who lived an annex with her family,Mr and Mrs Van Daan and their son Peter ,and Mr.Dussel.During her stay in the annex she kept a diary which she wrote in during her stay in the annex.Anne is a girl who wanted to be treated like an adult and is mature. Margot is Anne Frank’s sister, she is sweet and always helps around the annex. Mr and Mrs.Frank are nice, caring people who are letting people stay in the annex with them. Mr and Mrs.Van Daan are selfish people, only care about themselves, and want the food in the annex to themselves. Peter is a shy boy, he has o feelings for girls, and cares a lot about his pussy cat, and Mr.Dussel is a rude guy, he likes to yell at Anne for having bad dreams and told Peter he hopes people eat his pussy cat. In the story you will read about courage, compassion, and sacrifice. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens some people, like being brave, or calm. During their stay in the annex.Mr.Frank showed courage when they heard a loud noise downstairs in Mr.Frank’s office and peter stood on a chair and fell and it scared the thief away and Mr.Frank stayed calm and didn’t worry about it while the others got mad and scared that