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Timeline of Events
Kurt Lewin was born to a Jewish middle class family in Russia. He initially started out studying medicine but eventually studied biology. His interests were initially behavior sciences. In 1914 he joined the German Army, but was later injured during combat. His early experiences had an impact on the development of his theories. Kurt Lewin was recognized as the father of social psychology. His focus was mainly on social issues that affected the way a person work and live. His main interests concerned individuals rather than groups (Current, 2013).
Literature Presentation
Planned change is necessary, however, it can be challenging to implement. Nursing is a profession that is always in a change pattern. It is how that change is presented to its nursing staff whether it will be successful. Utilizing a change theory will help the health care leadership or others that are involved in the change for it to be successful. When those who are involved in the change are active participants this will improve the environment and the transition of the change to be sustained (Mitchell, 2013).
The concepts that are involved in the change theory for Kurt Lewin are driving forces, restraining forces, and equilibrium. Driving forces is the push that a change is needed in a given direction. This is considered the shift to push the person in the desired direction. Restraining forces is the force that will contradict driving forces. This is the change that can be hindered. Finally, there is equilibrium which is the area that change does not occur due to driving forces parallel restraining forces (Current, 2013).
3 Stages of Change
Kurt Lewin has identified three stages of a change theory. The three stages of change are unfreezing, moving and freezing. The first stage unfreezing is the stage that change is getting ready. This is the stage of getting out of your comfort zone, and understanding that change is a necessary step. The second stage of a change is moving. This is the pursuit that is made in a reaction to a change. The third stage of a change is freezing. This is the final stage of change which is a reaction to the change. The change is accepted at this stage. This is the optimal stage of the change. However, it can take some time before the change is accepted (Mitchell, 2013).
Research related to nursing concept
Concept analysis as it relates to this article is that there is an avocation for communication. Concept analysis is useful because it will help to narrow the concept of change so that it is not as vague. There are eight steps of concept analysis procedure. Each step is imperative (Walker & Avant, 2011). Kurt Lewin’s philosophy is that change is more of a behavior as a dynamic balance of forces which is working in opposite directions (Current, 2013).
Why this article was chosen
This article regarding change is interesting because it affects how nurses are faced with constant change in their profession. Currently there is a change that involves the electronic medical record and the newest updates. As a nurse there is always some type of new change that affects how our job is performed. It is the success of this adaption that will lessen the stress associated with the change (Sullivan, 1977). Change is always