Literature and Alcatraz Island Essay

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Alcapone Shines my Shoes
The author of this book is Gennifer Choldenko. The publisher is Scholastic inc..The date published was 2009. The number of pages is 258. The period in which the novel was set was 1935. The story was set on Alcatraz Island. The main characters are Moose, Natalie, Piper, Jimmy, and Theresa. Moose and Theresa are best developed. Natalie and Theresa I like the best. Moose is a twelve year old boy who lives along with twenty-four other kids. Theresa is a seven year old girl who is very funny. The mood of this novel is mysterious and funny. The most important things that happen in the story are that every time Capone does their laundry he sends Moose a note for example once he wrote a note that said “DONE it’s your turn” because he wanted Moose to give his wife yellow flowers for him. Also how Natalie has autism and she can’t really do anything, every time she has a birthday she turns ten again and again. She just likes to play her buttons and likes lemon cake. Moose takes care of her most of the time. And the last thing is that Onion 105 put the bar spreader in Natalie’s suitcase when she was going to the Ester P. Marinoff school. Then when she came back seven fingers took it! I think the book had a satisfying conclusion because the book relates to real things in life like Natalie has autism and they live on Alcatraz Island. The purpose behind the novel is that there is a family who moved to Alcatraz Island because that’s where their father worked. I…