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Literature and Film
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Mary Shelley’s Novel, Frankenstein In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein starts out with a normal tone of a family and their young son Victor who is like any kid who loves to ask so many questions. This all stemming from various experiences with his dad, this one particular incident is when he goes hunting and hands him a rifle to kill an animal. This was not a situation that made him back down he did not have any kind of compassion for the animal or even have a fear of killing. This particular situation appears to be one where he is taught at a very young age to have no mercy, or respect for any thing or creature. There is also callousness about Victor that causes him to lose his sensitivity about this situation, which causes him to be desensitized and totally disconnected from what is known as a good dose of reality. There are so many that were brought up hunting, however Victor took it a little bit more serious than in a usual situation. His fragile, innocent mind went through a transition and that is the straw that broke the camels back. He had just crossed over into a whole new world of wonder. There is another situation that also pushed Victor in a direction and that is when the family dog was killed, that made his thirst for more knowledge rise up in Victor even more.

Victor Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein’s motivated type, which ultimately instigated his subsequent demise. Victor was born naturally from two parents who gave him lots of support and love. Furthermore, making his history and background something that he never had to question. He had friends and an adoptive sister whom was given to him as a child and then later became his wife. Victor carried himself with the highest esteem he was always very well dressed was considered to be attractive; his family was wealthy and well known. They were measured as a highly respected and very influential family of the community. When Frankenstein was a youngster, he was very interested in death and what would happen when you died and where you would wind up. These thoughts were inspired when he went on a hunting trip with his dad and he killed an animal. Some of his thoughts were sick and very twisted, but Victor enthusiastically had a longing to learn because of his ambitious nature. Therefore, generating his love for a more conventional philosophy. He had a determination and enthusiasm for information. This huge thirst that he had is what pushed him to go to study the sciences, especially after seeing how the electricity split the tree in half.
He had attended one of the most prominent schools in Europe; he had the very best teachers, discussions and books. He grasped natural philosophy, and to increase his knowledge, he had attempted to gain expertise from his teachers in mathematics and chemistry. This is what helped to shape how Frankenstein and how had observed the world and wanted to learn. Victor was so amazed at how powerful the lightening was that he was actually dumbfounded and intrigued all at the same time. It had appeared that at that very moment he was enlightened, as though a light had gone off in his head, no one could tell him anything because he wanted to investigate this new fund curiosity immediately. Victor wanted to further his knowledge through his work. He was very ambitious very when it came to his work and he was also deeply absorbed in his education as well. Victor becomes obsessive and very exhausted during the time of the creatures development after many nights of laboring. There were many things that happened after the creation of the creature leaving Victor with no kind of remorse what so ever. Victor was horrified at the monsters appearance and he realized what he created looks both horrendous and hideous which made it hard to believe it was his