Literature: Management and Humility Michael Jordan Essay

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Question 6
Write the names of three people you consider to be effective leader/managers. Make a bulleted list (at least four) of the characteristics these individuals exhibit that you think make them effective leader/managers. (30points)
Nelson Mandela 1. Courageous 2. Tenacious 3. Passionate 4. Integrity 5. Visionary
Mother Theresa 1. Empathy 2. Wisdom 3. Commitment 4. Humility
Michael Jordan 1. Dedicated 2. Responsible 3. Respect for others 4. Decisive 5. Self-disciplined

Question 4
We have and will be discussing in class a large array of current issues confronting Managers in today’s business world (i.e. Leadership, Total Quality Management, Affirmative Action, Diversity, Human resource Strategy, technological Change, Globalized Competition, Business ethics, Outsourcing, Empowerment, Environment, Culture Differences, and etc.). These issues are forcing a new management style on today’s way of doing business. Give a brief description of some of the elements that should characterize this new Management. (40points)

In the current business environment where there is a lot of uncertainty and a rise in unethical behavior I think that a new emphasis should be put on people with high integrity

Question 5
Jim Collins, the bestselling author of God to Great and Built to last, recently spoke on building great organizations. He said it all starts with “100% of our key seats filled with the right people.” Comment