Literature Review On Recruiting And Selecting Of Human Resources Receptionist

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Recruiting and Selecting of Human Resources Receptionist.
The Recruitment plan, Selection Method, Performance Evaluation and Literature Review

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Recruitment Plan 3-4
Selection Method 5
Performance Evaluation 6-10
Literature Review 11-13
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Recruitment plan:
A. Online Recruiting – Majority of applicants are utilizing online methods when seeking employment Tactics:
B. News Paper Recruiting-
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It is critical that filing is accurate so we are able to find applicant files quickly. Insure a you check the files and where they are being placed. Slow down to insure accuracy. It is important to know where files are due to applicant deadlines.

3 Complete by end of the day By end of each week Because you are not accurately filing, you are behind in filing applications. This delay may cost the company money due to further delay in the hiring process.

Answer phones Answer within 3 rings Within 2 rings You have been very timely and on top of the calls. I appreciate and value the effort.

5 Screens calls Forwards all calls where she could have provided information Customer communication is important. Please try to answer questions before transferring calls. 1 Provide messages upon return or availability of staff Feedback that messages not always given to staff Remember, if our teams are not receiving messages timely, it could mean the missing out on call back from applicants. 1
Provide information Provide prompt and accurate information Customers often request to speak to someone else It is very important that you provide good customer service. We rely on you to provide accurate information. Your knowledge will need to be reviewed. 1
Task Objective/Measurement Results Comments Ranking
Input applications 100% accuracy 70% While I