My World Is The Fifth Happiest Country Of The World

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My world as it is, and how it used to be…

Ever since the semester started we have been talking about “what is a world” we also talked about how worlds evolved, how one simple event could cause a series of incidents all connected to one another and simply change the “world” as people know it. I used to live in a world where people could easily go out to the streets and not fear for their lives, that they could go to the supermarket and they could find everything on their shopping list, that a person could easily express their opinion without being physically or verbally abused. However, my world evolved, and it was not for better.

After a poll made in 2012, an unknown author concluded that Venezuela is the fifth happiest country in the world. In the present, today, you see a highly political polarized country where having different opinions could get you killed. Venezuela evolved, my country evolved. On February 12 of the current year a large mass of Venezuelan students, just like me, went out to the streets and peacefully protested against the governments’ poor efficiency to control important factors such as insecurity in the streets, high inflation and shortages in important needs such as milk, butter, flower, and even toilet paper. What was the result of this “peaceful” manifestation? 4 or more people murdered. Collective groups with a different political opinion infiltrated these protests (on different states) shot people, and in some cases they beat them to death. Policemen were standing next to each and every event and they did nothing.…