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Literary Luminary
Name: Rushil Mistry
Period: 3rd
Meeting Date: 12/9/2014
Reading Assignment: 20-22
Novel: Frankenstein
Job Assignment: Your job is to locate a special passage in this week’s reading to close read. The passage selected must be anywhere from a page to two pages. You should do three different things with the passage:

First—You should photocopy the page(s) you plan to close read. Then you must proceed to close read the passage, making annotations and comments while highlighting important information in the text Second, you should complete the DIDLS chart below. Be sure to write in complete sentences, and include as much detail as possible.

Third, you should write a brief response to the passage of choice. Explain you purpose behind choosing it. Explain the passage’s effect/influence on the rest of the chapter/chapters.


Diction—looking at specific word choice byu the author
Some of the diction the author uses are Sufficient, unremitting, barbarity, desolated, remorse, dispositions, and wretchedness.

Imagery—includes allusion, similes, metaphors, anything that makes you visualize the text in your mind
The author uses an image of a moon rising at night and then later on he makes an image of his past and what he has been doing till this time in his life.
Details—includes a look at tone; the small details that aren’t explicitly stated, but implied; the small details that are stated and explain why they are stated
The author uses detail such describing the moon and the setting perfectly and also the author chooses to include words that make the reader think and he excludes harsh and rough words. The author uses symbols and foreshadowing from the past to show the importance.
Language—includes the language of the author; is it specific to a country, is he writing for a specific audience
The overall impression of the author’s language is normal and kind, this reflects the calmness and simple word choices. She is not specific to any audience or even a country it just talks to all people.
Syntax—the sentence structure of the author
The sentences are normal not too hard to