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Sarah Llausas
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May 14, 2013
The Lonely Little Blue Bird. Popularity brings out lot of tension in all people. The stories that come out of the topic “popularity” can serve as for a helpful life lesson. One story that hits that point of popularity is the story about the lonely little blue bird. Once upon a time, there was a little blue bird. He lived alone on a branch of an oak tree. Full of sorrow the bird longed to have friends or have family close and near to him and his heart. The little bird always wished for a companion to accompany him to get food, bathe in the bird baths, and chirp the day away. One day an idea popped into his mind, He longed so much for friends he thought to himself by doing all the duties birds have to do on a daily basis so he would gain those so called “companions” he has never had. The little blue bird would wake up very early every morning to get the food for all the blue birds or in anything the birds or their families needed, he would do it. The little blue bird over a course of months started realizing that all the other birds were just his “friends” because of all the favors the poor little bird would do for them. The lonely little blue bird fell into a deep depression in himself and felt even more alone than before, he stopped doing all the favors he did before. The little bird rarely ever came out of his nest. All the birds around his branch were worried and started wondering what was going on with the little blue bird. One day