Little Girl Short Story

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By Hajia Ramatu Ahmed Word Count-8,208
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Inspiration of a little girl


The thought goes beyond imagination. The ‘little girl’ was filled with the hope to become a productive citizen. The profession she was familiar with is bus conductor, teacher, military nurse and a lawyer. Her understanding of work resonated from what she saw other adults doing in the barracks. When we work, we must get paid. As a child she doesn’t understand the joy that followed, just that she wants to work. The bus is the government transport
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People travel in search of opportunity and wealth, but when disappointments surfaces one may return home. As we plan a trip, departure date is mostly exact but the return date is unpredictable. A journey can also cause one to lose a life when a mishap results due to accidents. So travel is a journey that could be fair, gloomy or dangerous. A “journey” by foot could take a long distance to a village where the paths connect diverse pathways to villages. But just imagine a child’s first travel episode. Maria was in the group on their way to attend a funeral. Right in the middle of their journey there was a farmer busy harvesting crops with his family members? “Dasiba,” {Good morning} the farmer …show more content…
There was a loud cheer from the crowd showing appreciation to everybody’s effort. The MC announced, “This is also an initiation.” As the catcher of the bouquet sat in a chair and a single man identified tied a ribbon around her knee to usher both into the future of marriage life”. “Photographer, please take more pictures”. MC added. Snaps of pictures and the departure of guests was not the end. The married couple starts a new life challenged to make the marriage work. Others may find their lovers at the wedding. Some remember their past and lament; others remember and embrace their past with pride and joy. At the end of the day the married couples would learn to complement each other. No marriage is sound and perfect. As the saying goes, marriage is a long journey. You have to fulfill the pact: ‘til you depart. It is always tough home going for a loved one, so difficult when a spouse says farewell to a departed partner. We always have our differences but the very moment of grieve is the reality of life. And the love that holds couples together remains alive in