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Change? A word that is used very often in the world today but not exactly translated very well. In the book Little Princes written by Conor Grennan is a great example of change. It shows examples of how change can be defined, such as, change being the action of one that can make a difference in the society or situation, or change that is inflicted in a person from being in the situation or environment. Conor Grennan was a man that I believe that experienced a profound transformation as an individual. When Conor Grennan first volunteered for being in an orphanage with children he was unsure. “I hadn’t realized until that moment how much I did not want to walk through that gate. What I wanted was to tell people I had volunteered in an orphanage.”(Grennan 16) It was simply good looks for the resume. Although Conor was not excited for being in the orphanage once he walked through the gate the children greeted him with such excitement. Conor being out of his comfort zone did not exactly know how to take this excitement but what he did know was that the children welcomed him. Now Conor being greeted and staying at Little Princes for three months a change started within him. When it was time for Conor to leave he made a promise to them, “I meant it. I would be back for them.”(Grennan 55) Conor was determined to make it back to see them and now that he promised them the children expected it. After Conor left Little Princes he always thought about the children. Then after a year he returned to the orphanage and the children were excited to see him, and he was excited to see the children. Since Conor has been there he has acquired new information that the civil war was heating up and children were being trafficked more and more. Conor then decides that he is going to do everything he can to find children that had been captured and return them to their families. Conor finds out that seven of the children that he wanted to protect have been captured and he sets out to do anything he can to find them. While on his journey to find the seven children that have went missing he encounters hundreds of children that have been captured and it breaks his heart.