Little Red Riding Hood Redone Essay

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Little Red Riding Hood and the Tale of the not so violent wolf
Once upon a time there was a young girl who lived in the middle of the forest. Her grandmother had made her a beautiful red cape that she would wear every day to feel close to her grandmother. Since she wore the cape all the time everyone would call her Little Red Riding Hood. Recently, her grandmother whom she loved very much became very ill. One afternoon, the girl’s mother asked her to deliver a basket of goodies to help heal her ill grandmother. This called for the girl to travel across the long dark, spooky, foggy woods to her grandmother’s home alone.
While traveling through the woods, Little Red Riding Hood met a fierce, giant wolf whose large sharp teeth and masculine eyes frightened her. Immediately, the wolf approached her and questioned her in his harsh and scratchy voice, “Where are you going young lady?”
“I’m on my way to my grandmother’s house,” the girl replied hesitantly.
The wolf, now snarling said, “I know just what could cheer her up. There are many beautiful flowers and berries on each side of this forest. I’m sure your grandmother would like to have some. I can help you pick them if you would like, and meet you at your grandmother’s house afterward. ”
Little Red hesitantly replied, “That sounds like a great idea, she would sure love that! Where do we need to go to find them?”
“It’s straight down the path my dear. Just follow me,” said the wolf.
The two then went off of the trail in either direction picking flowers and berries. The wolf gathered the daffodils on the right, as Little Red Riding Hood gathered the daisies and blueberries to the left. Once the wolf gathered his bouquet for the grandmother, he headed down the trail to her home, and Little Red Riding Hood followed him.
Upon getting to the house, the wolf heard some strange noises coming from inside, and opened the door to witness a struggle occurring between the grandmother and the town hunter. He knew he had to act fast. In the distance, Little Red Riding Hood heard the howl of the wolf and became very worried and unsure about what the wolf had actually wanted to do.
When Little Red finally arrived at her grandmother’s house, she noticed that the door had been busted open. She ran into her grandmother’s room and was shocked to what she had walked in on. The floor was filled with blood and wolf fur. Grandmother was nowhere to be found. Crying, screaming and shaking, Little Red ran out of the house back through the woods to her home. When she arrived, she had told her mother everything that she had walked in to see.
Little Red and her mother decided it would be best to tell the town hunter, a burly man always with an axe in hand, of their misfortune. The two of them raced to the hunter’s