Live Without Meat? Essay

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Maria A. Cedeno
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19 March 2013 Rough Draft of Essay #3
Live Without Meat?
One day I went to College to take my writing class , at the door handed me a brochure that said "Twenty five Reason to Try Vegetarian" I take it home, my ten year old daughter, began to read, and terrified she said "mom we need to stop eating meat" from that moment our family began to discuss our diet. I found this topic interesting for this essay and help me better decide which way to take my family dietary. Having a balanced diet is ideal, although it is a bit difficult by many factors such as lack of time, work, school, kids; we all have busy lives, and few give the importance of dietary needs in our lives. I started this exciting research and discovered many important aspects to take into consideration in the diet not only in my family but could help anyone to make a better decision about diet.
The vegetarian diet as omnivorous diet, have some similar characteristics, such as: the two are consumed vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins. Although the vegetarian diet consumes more raw, fresh and natural products helps preserve proteins integrate and keep their benefits. Proteins are subtracted from nuts, seeds, grains. There are many well-founded reasons for vegetarian as can be for your health, vegetarian diet prevents cancer, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases, diabetes. For life and suffering in breeding and death of animals. For the protection of the environment, raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gases than cars, boats, airplanes combined. For economy, the United States uses 70% of all the crops and 50% of the water only to the meat industry for feed animals, the prices of meat and meat products are among the highest of the basket; by ideology, religion or any other reason. The unbalanced vegetarian diet may have nutritional deficiencies such as lack of vitamin B12, iron, and zinc, elements have the animal products. However to make the decision to be vegetarian, you have to lead a very balanced diet, you have to read, learn, and be prepared for questions like why do you choose a vegan diet? Or Are the plants are living beings too?
The omnivorous diet can be described as opportunistic, which means they eat whatever is available. For humans, this type of food often includes convenience items and processed products. Healthier alternatives are foods, including options such as turkey, chicken, lean meats, fish, low-fat ground beef and pork. Dairy products and eggs are also included. The plant foods that provide key nutritional benefits are whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables of all kinds.
It is difficult switch carnivorous, omnivore diet to vegetarian, but if we try to start one day a week without meat,