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Lived Experiences Project Drafting Activity
Hello! Everyone, my name is S X. I am an international student, and this is my third year in University. However, in fact, I am a sophomore; the reason is that I spend a year to be trained in advanced English before I take academic classes. During that year, I was so exciting and looking forward to taking classes in my major which is Hospitality Business, due to that I have so much passion about this field. I will try to introduce my major and tell some of my experiences I learned in my studies.
Hospitality Business is a kind of service business, which includes lodging, restaurant, event planning, cruise line, casino and so on. I think it is an industry which can occur in the world forever because it is related with tourism, people paying the money for fun, they eating outside and looking for entertainment outside, and we working in Hospitality Business are the people who offer those wonderful accommodations and bring them the best services. In addition, this is not the only reason that I want to study Hospitality Business which shows that this major has a great future and worth to be developed, but I also have passion about this major. I feel so please every time when I see people are satisfied with my service and warm care. In my study in the Hospitality Business, I have participated in so many kinds of activities and events, such as becoming an ambassador of Career Expo, a server for the Les Gourmet and attending the National Restaurant show (NRA) in Chicago and so on. Speaking more about the NRA show, I think this is the most interesting event that I have attended in Hospitality study tour; it was held by worldwide pioneers in this domain. People came to attend this show from the whole world, and it showed a variety of fields about Hospitality business. For example, people who produce the container, cup, furniture, food and educations all came to this event, they really broadened my vision, and, in fact, some of them were taking the responsibility to extend their business by attracting more potential consumers. Except that, we also met the alumni from The Hospitality School of University, and some of them did a great contribution for the school, such as the inventor of Disney internship program and some general manager form Chicago. We are not only meeting with professors from the college who have attended to this whole event, but also participate in some kinds of social activity. In the big fair, we represent the school to meet some friends from other school or other country, and the great experience let me improve my basic social skills and make many friends who share the same kind of dream.
My dream is to become an owner of a branch hotel and theme restaurant. There is no doubt that fund support and management skills are needed, and those experiences must be get on my own, because nobody can take my own place and done it for me. In my experience, I understand that we have to do the job from the basic level to management level. So now I already start my level 1 job which is as a waitress in a restaurant taking orders and servicing customers. I believe that accumulate my job experience is pretty important, and I cannot stop because there are so many different kinds of job wait for me to do. In the other hand,