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Everyone is a special sculpture in the world. Nobody can find another person who is exactly the same as itself. There are many different factors that can significantly influence an individual’s character, values, and beliefs. However, I think the most important one is the living circumstance surround a person. The living circumstance is a very huge topic, so I separate it into three parts.
The first thing I want to emphasize is when and where was the person born and lived. There is an old Chinese saying says,” Different areas create different people.” It is obvious that different nations have different generalizations in different periods; everyone is made by a specific historical period. In the memoir Warriors Don’t Cry, the author Melba Beals and her special experience is created by the special historical period of the U.S.
Secondly, education is another part of living circumstance. For students, they spend most of the day at school with their classmates and teachers. I have heard lots of stories about how does a teacher changed a student’s life. As for the responsibilities of a teacher, I think that transmitting the culture is very important for really young children up to teens. It is the golden period for a person to build up his or her own personality; teachers should lead students to the right way. In the article Becoming a Writer, Russell Baker is an actively example of changing by his teacher.
Last but not least, family background maybe the biggest part of living circumstance. When we were born, we were not born with a set of values and expectations, so we learned them from our parents or adults who raised us,