Living in Alaska, Vacationing in Hawaii Essays

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Having lived in Alaska since I was born, my state has become very well known to me. Having yet to travel outside of my home much, I knew very little about the vast differences and extreme similarities that Alaska and Hawaii share. Recently vacationing in Hawaii, I found it astonishing how familiar it seemed and yet how foreign it felt. The natural beauty that both states have inherited through years of evolution is amazing and breathtaking however, the differences in climate is truly astonishing. Even though the 49th and the 50th States in the Union couldn’t be more different with regard to their location, climate and size, they share many striking similarities including abundant natural resources.
Alaska is called “The Last Frontier” for a reason, as it has so much unsettled land yet to be properly utilized. This is mainly due to the extreme remote-ness of much of that land. It has the Chugach Mountains and the tallest mountain in North America, Mount McKinley. People around the world come to Alaska to try and summit the mountain and many also perish in the attempt. Unlike Alaska though, Hawaii has deserts, tropical rainforests, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Both Alaska and Hawaii have rich coastal waters, abundant wildlife and active volcanos. You would be able to fit Hawaii into Alaska 60 times.
The temperature in Alaska during the summers is almost perfect, with very little rain and no humidity. The winters on the other hand can be cold and harsh with temperatures in the negatives, with little to no sunlight and snow. Whereas Hawaii’s summers are hot, it rains a lot and has high humidity. Winters are an ideal time to visit Hawaii. It’s the “dry” time of year and the temperature stays around the 80’s with the warm breezy trade winds. Both states have their ideal temperate times of year. If I could I would live in Alaska during the summer and Hawaii during the winter.
Alaska and Hawaii alike have abundant supply of natural resources that stimulate the respective economies. Alaska’s main source of income is oil and natural gas. Some other economy boosters include tourism and seafood. People travel to Alaska via cruise ships, airplane