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Living in Saudi Arabia and the United States
Each country in the world has its own features and each own lover. When someone needs to choose the place where is that person should live in, he should choose that carefully. Not only is the building or the apartment important but also the features around the house are important. Features are usually different from one place to another and each person has different aspects to look at the same situation. Many people around the world think that living in the United States would be an incredible experience. On the other hand, others believe in that living in Saudi Arabia is much better than living in the U.S.A and that’s the truth because Saudi Arabia is better in both financial part and safety.
Money is important in any community and people care so much about it. People who live in Saudi Arabia have the opportunity to save money for the future because of various reasons. Living in Saudi Arabia does not cost a lot of money. For example, the rate of rental apartments in nice neighborhoods would be around 400 to 800 dollars. When someone says apartment in KSA, he does not mean one or two bedrooms but instead that means at least four bedrooms plus the kitchen. Also, other necessities of life could be much cheaper in Saudi Arabia because the government supports a lot of products in order to reduce their cost and the residents can buy them. For example, the gasoline cost in Saudi Arabia is cheaper than in the United States of America.

Living in America as any other places has many advantages and disadvantages. Living cost in America for many people is one of the hardest pitfalls they may face. For example, rental apartments in the United States could be different from one city to another but the average is around 500 to 1300 dollars. In the United States these prices are for two or three bedroom apartments. In addition, people who live in the U.S.A they do not have to pay only the products cost but also the tax, which sometimes cost them a lot of money.
Safety is one of the most important features when someone is looking for a place to live in. Some people would think that living in Saudi Arabia is dangerous because of the media but the truth is not what media says. Media forms an awful picture about Saudi Arabia and Saudi people, which doesn’t relate to the truth in anyway. Media pictures Saudi people’s beliefs in very overturned ways. For example, Jehad, which is portion of Islam, is pictured as terrorism in the media. But the truth is that Jehad is very different from terrorism. Overall, Saudi Arabia is one of the safest places in the world. For example, a lot of people, when they try to buy something from the market they do not turn off their engines, instead they leave it on. Also, there are tough sanctions for each crime. For example, if someone steals something for the first or second time he might go to the jail. But if he tries to do that for the third time, the government might cut his hand. In this way, people will think a lot before they steal something. In addition, there are many crimes, like everywhere in the world, but in