Living Jesus Essay

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Hazel Gomes-Collins
Professor Keith Brewer
Life and Teaching of Jesus
September 20, 2014
Living Jesus chapter 3 Reflection
When we speak about the church and how it pertains to the resurrected body of Christ, it means that others can see the living Jesus in the way we conduct ourselves as children of God. Luke Timothy Johnson gives us a great reflection on the way the resurrection and embodiment of Christ in our lives through our daily encounter with Him. All of us as Christians are still in the process of learning Jesus and will get to experience His fullness in its entirety when He returns.
The building in which the saints gather to commune and welcome in the presence of God is just a building until it becomes inhabited, and then it becomes the body of Christ. Our lifestyle and conversations should be Christ like so that we carry on His works and keep him alive in the hearts and minds of people. As the body of Christ, it is important that we share with each other. So, when we eat together, worship together, welcome and accept one another, we uplift the name of Jesus. It is in this setting we become the tangible forms of his teachings.
When we live according to the teachings of God and follow the examples, he left for us we are in constant communication with Him. Studying the word of God helps us to learn from and teach each other. The Bible clearly says how we can understand the rich fullness of Jesus life and His ministry, so we can walk accordingly. It also states how we should fellowship one with another as we convene in and out of the church. Let us view the church as a hospital, where the sick come to get healed and delivered from physical as well spiritual ailments, also as a place where we become part of the body of Christ.
It is a community of believers that gather to partake in remembrance of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Taking this sacrament enables us to have a