Living Organisms Essay

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My butterfly is the Palmer’s Metal Mark, also known as the Apodemia Palmeri (the scientific name.) Apodemia Palmeri is common in Arizona, especially in areas of desert scrub and they feed on flower nectar. Some of their favorite flowers are daisies, like the Transpecos Thimbleheads (Hymenothrix Wislizeni.) Their eggs vary in shape and size, but often appear round and flat. They produce several eggs in all.

My bird is the Mockingbird, also known as the Mimus Polyglottos (its scientific name.) The Mockingbird is known as “prehistoric.” They were first founded in Peru. The Northern Mockingbird is found in shrubby areas with open grassy spots. Northern Mockingbirds eat mainly insects, but switch to eating mostly fruit in the fall and winter. When a pair of Mockingbirds mate for life, they return to each other every mating season, protecting the nests from predators.

My reptile is the Spotted Turtle, also known as the Clemmy’s Guttata (the scientific name.) The Spotted Turtle ranges from southern Maine, Quebec, and Ontario, south along the eastern US to Florida in the East and Central Indiana and Ohio in the West. Spotted Turtles are aquatic omnivores that inhabit a variety of semi-aquatic or in other words, shallow, fresh-water areas such as flooded forests, marshes, wet meadows, bogs, and woodland streams in Southern Canada (Ontario) and the eastern US: the Eastern Great Lakes and East of the Appalachian Mountains. They feed on a variety of foods, ranging from commercial foods, to crickets. Spotted Turtles are relatively easy to breed. You should check for eggs every several days.

My amphibian is the Blue Dart Frog, also known as the Dendodrates Tinctorius (the scientific name.) The Blue Dart Frog is found